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Challenging Industry Norms: A Fresh Perspective on Roofing Maintenance and Replacement

Challenging Industry Norms: A Fresh Perspective on Roofing Maintenance and Replacement by Finishing Solutions LLC


As the owner of Finishing Solutions LLC, a premier roofing company in Birmingham, AL, I've built our reputation on dependability, attention to detail, and unwavering integrity. In the commercial roofing and industrial coatings industry, conventional wisdom often dictates standard practices that everyone follows without question. However, based on our extensive experience and success in providing solutions to property companies, I believe some of these common beliefs need reevaluation. This blog will explore contrarian viewpoints that challenge traditional industry norms, offering a fresh perspective that could benefit property managers and owners alike.

The Myth of Frequent Replacements by Finishing Solutions LLC

The Myth of Frequent Replacements

Common industry advice suggests that commercial roofs should be replaced every 20 to 25 years. While regular updates are essential, I argue that with proper maintenance and high-quality coatings, many commercial roofs can extend their lifespan significantly beyond the standard timeframe. As a Birmingham commercial roofer, I've witnessed firsthand how a robust maintenance plan combined with the latest in coating technology can prolong roof life, pushing back the need for costly replacements and reducing environmental waste.

Rethinking Cheap Solutions

The allure of inexpensive roofing options is strong, especially under tight budget constraints. However, the initial savings are often misleading. Cheap materials and quick fixes may lead to more frequent repairs or even early replacements. At Finishing Solutions LLC, we champion the use of premium materials and precise, thorough workmanship. Investing more initially in higher-quality solutions can lead to substantial long-term savings, a perspective often overlooked in our industry.

Rethinking Cheap Solutions by Finishing Solutions LLC

Preventive Maintenance Overhauls

Another common practice is the minimalistic approach to preventive maintenance—doing just enough to keep the roof functional. Contrary to this approach, I advocate for comprehensive preventive maintenance programs that address not only the visible signs of wear but also the underlying issues that could lead to severe damage. This proactive strategy can be more cost-effective in the long run, ensuring that minor problems are resolved before they escalate into major concerns.

The Overlooked Value of Customization

In the world of Birmingham commercial roofing, a one-size-fits-all approach is often adopted. However, each building has its own unique needs based on its design, location, and usage. At Finishing Solutions LLC, we specialize in providing customized roofing solutions that are specifically designed to meet the precise needs of each property. This tailored approach ensures optimal performance and durability, contrary to the industry’s standard practices.

The Overlooked Value of Customization by Finishing Solutions LLC

Sustainability Is More Than Just a Buzzword

While sustainability is becoming a more common focus within the industry, many still treat it as a secondary concern. I believe that eco-friendly practices should be a primary consideration in all roofing projects. Sustainable materials and methods can reduce a building’s carbon footprint significantly, provide better insulation, and decrease energy costs. We need to prioritize green solutions not just for compliance or marketing benefits, but because they offer superior performance and long-term benefits.

Questioning the Fast-Track

The industry often pressures teams to complete projects as quickly as possible to reduce labor costs and minimize disruption. However, rushing can lead to mistakes or incomplete applications, especially with complex installations like industrial coatings. At our company, we emphasize thoroughness and precision over speed. Taking the time to do the job right the first time ensures that the roofing or coating system is more durable and effective.

The True Cost of Cutting Corners

Many roofing companies cut corners to offer lower bids and secure contracts. This practice, while common, compromises the integrity of the roofing system and can lead to significant additional costs down the line in terms of repairs and energy inefficiency. As a leader in the Birmingham commercial roofing market, we believe in full transparency and doing the job right, even if it means a higher initial investment. The long-term savings and reduced hassle for our clients are well worth this upfront honesty.

The True Cost of Cutting Corners by Finishing Solutions LLC

Debunking the Warranty Obsession

While warranties are important, there's an obsession in the industry with the length of the warranty rather than the quality of the workmanship and materials. A long warranty does not guarantee a trouble-free roof. Instead, focus should be placed on the contractor’s track record, the quality of installation, and ongoing maintenance services. A comprehensive approach ensures that the roof remains in top condition, regardless of the warranty length.

Embracing Technology and Innovation

Many in the roofing industry are slow to adopt new technologies and innovative materials, sticking instead to tried-and-tested methods. At Finishing Solutions LLC, we embrace cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials that can enhance both the performance and efficiency of roofing systems. This includes the use of advanced data analytics to predict potential failures and the integration of energy-efficient materials that offer better insulation and durability.

Embracing Technology and Innovations by Finishing Solutions LLC


In conclusion, challenging the status quo has allowed Finishing Solutions LLC to lead the way in Birmingham commercial roofing. By questioning industry norms and focusing on what truly matters—quality, customization, sustainability, and integrity—we provide our clients with solutions that are not only cost-effective but also forward-thinking. It’s time for the roofing industry to embrace these contrarian viewpoints and evolve. For those interested in exploring how these approaches can benefit their properties, reach out to us and experience the difference that comes from working with a leader who prioritizes your needs and long-term satisfaction.

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