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Roof Repair

If your commercial or industrial roof is not repaired properly, problems will ultimately worsen, often before you have a chance to realize that you've fallen victim to a botched restoration.

The roofing professionals at Finishing Solutions are highly experienced in performing many different types of roofing installation projects and repair work.


For over 20 years, Finishing Solutions has been fulfilling the roofing needs of local and regional customers with honest, expert roofing services. 


With particular expertise in commercial re-roofing, we provide roof repair and restoration services to many types of businesses throughout the state of Alabama as well as throughout the Southeast, including Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Know What Roof Damage Looks Like

If you're not sure if you need roof repair, it's critical to be aware of common warning signs that are sure indications of an issue.


Inside, you might see water damage on your ceiling or in your attic. Outside, shingles may be missing, curling, or damaged. If you notice problems like these, don't wait. Have your roof inspected by a professional from Finishing Solutions immediately.

Protect Your Roof Through Preventive Action

One of the best ways to deal with storm season commercial roof damage is to take steps to prevent it in the first place.

A few small issues that go unaddressed may leave your roof more vulnerable to strong winds and heavy rain, and your building may end up suffering greater damage if it isn't in good shape before storm season. By having your roofing inspected regularly, you can help ensure that it's in good condition and better prepared to withstand the volatile weather the Southeast's tornado and hurricane season can bring.

Do Not Delay Emergency Roof Repair

Perhaps the most important measure to take involves acting immediately when you need storm damage roof repair.

If you know or suspect that your roofing has been damaged, have a professional from our team of experts at Finishing Solutions fix your roofing issues and put your mind at ease. You'll want to prevent the problem from growing and allowing moisture to seep into your roofing materials or your building. Ultimately, taking care of any post-storm damage now can help ensure that your roof is protected against the next storm.

Critical Tips for Repairing Storm Season Roof Damage

Your property's roofing plays a critical part in your building's function and integrity, so it's important to keep an eye out for any damage it may suffer as a result of tornado or hurricane season.

With the annual havoc wreaked by the tornado and hurricane seasons in the South, your commercial building may need storm damage roof repair to ensure you can keep your business running safely and efficiently.

Roof Repair Services

Commercial Emergency Repairs

An emergency situation can derail not only your day but your productivity and business for the duration of the repair.


Don't hesitate to contact the roof repair professionals at Finishing Solutions at the onset of an emergency.

Spray Foam Repairs

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing repair is an energy-efficient way to repair while also building strength and controlling air filtration in commercial and industrial buildings.

Repairing or retrofitting your old roof with SPF roofing can save you money now and in the future.

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